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Packbridge organizes a series of events each year. We invite inspirational speakers from across the value chain and offer our members fast, inspirational lectures on current topics. Naturally we offer coffee and sandwiches after the program. Generally, people from across the value chain, to learn more, but not least for networking.


Activities, Conferences and meetings places

Connecting research with industry

Meet the Researcher that might change the packaging industry!

Packbridge Startup Challenge

What’s behind this? It’s simple. We know that our members, industry, startup companies and society all benefit from effective matching and new innovations

The first unconference in Packaging

Packbridge invites the leading Brand owners and Retailers to share their perspective!


The network that actually connects women within the packaging value chain

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Meetings places

UNBOXING – Förpackningens betydelse i morgondagens digitalhandel

E-handelskundens upplevelse av dig som e-handlare och producent i uppackningsögonblicket

Förpackning & Hållbarhet

Ta del av lyckade exempel på hur du kan utveckla din förpackningslösning

1 year with fempack

Packaging plays a vital role in keeping products fresh and safe. But it also poses environmental challenges, particularly in countries where the infrastructure for dealing with waste is underdeveloped.

Top Consumer Trends 2018

Consumer trends from the Packaging Supply Chain perspective

Food waste, Smart Materials and Circular Economy

How can the packaging value chain collaborate to prevent food waste

Packaging Design

The package is often called ”the silent salesman”, How has the new media landscape changed its role?


Internationell women day together with Packbridge

Design as a Strategy

How to design your way to success

Commerce and logistics

E-commerce is growing rapidly, and changes the requirements for traditional commerce and new logistics solutions are needed.


How digital are you and how digital must you become?


Where packaging, e-commerce and brandowners unbox their know how.

fempack visits Scanpack

fempack will host an inspiration session on leadership and innovation


Smart packaging, supermaterial, sensors and electronics. There is a lot going on with our packages.

Pharma, Packaging & Supply Chain

The event is organised to focus on packaging during the first half, and supply chain during the second half.

End of year fempack

We invite you to celebrate the fempack networks second year

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