Membership Application


We want to help make Packbridge one of the world’s leading venues for research, innovation, entrepreneurship and enterprise in the field of packaging for consumer products through participation in efforts to strengthen network and business opportunities, attract talent, drive new programs, initiate new research, participate in exciting international collaborations and thus strengthen the industry’s growth in the region.

About the fee and the association

  • The membership fee represents SEK 1 000 accruing to Packbridge non-profit organization and the remaining portion of the service fee to Packbridge AB including supplied VAT. The annual fee is invoiced by Packbridge AB after the membership application approved.
  • The board is elected, business plan and annual fee determined by the AGM during the first four months of each year.
  • We have read the association’s statutes and apply for membership in Packbridge non-profit organization as below pre-checked option.
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