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Packbridge is an international packaging and logistics clusters formed in 2010. We are a rapidly growing network for the packaging industry and all its stakeholders – customers, suppliers, researchers and innovators. The idea of Packbridge is to create a meeting place that naturally connects industry with academia, research with commercial application, and – perhaps most – people with people.


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How can the packaging industry connect with the consumers?

Packaging is often referred to as the silent salesman, and is becoming increasingly important for brand owners. It´s about connecting the product with the consumer and here packaging has a vital role. Packbridge will address this on November 17th when we arrange a “Packbridge after 3” seminar on the theme “How can the Packaging Industry Connect with the Consumers?”

We will look at how consumer behaviour has changed over the years and try to sort out what future packaging solutions are required. An interesting question is how to use for example design and/or packaging features to communicate with your target audience.

Unfortunately it sometimes happens that products are developed without a fully considered packaging solution. Which values are created by connecting the product and packaging development teams and how new technology can connect producers with consumers? Packbridge after 3 will provide the answer to this.

Do we need new methods to reach tomorrow’s consumers? In Design-thinking each project starts understanding the needs of ordinary people, local and global forces that affect consumer behavior, present and future needs.

This is a Packbridge after 3 seminar you should not miss. Our speakers will provide useful solutions and inspirational ideas. We’ll be back with a detailed program, but please already note November 17 in your calendar.

The event will be held in English

November 17, 2015 at Media Evolution City in Malmö, Sweden

We will LIVE-stream our event below between 3-5 pm

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Packbridge LIVE is our member page. With around 230 member companies Packbridge built a network with a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise in packaging and related fields. On Packbridge Live, you get as a member benefit from all the expertise either by videos, presentations or reports.

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