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Packbridge is an international cluster organisation for the packaging and logistics industry. Formed in 2010, we are a rapidly growing network for the packaging industry and all its stakeholders – customers, suppliers, researchers and innovators. The idea of Packbridge is to create a meeting place that naturally connects industry with academia, research with commercial application, and – perhaps most – people with people.

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Conferences 2016

Packbridge Research Forum - 18th of may

Packaging research is a large, fascinating ongoing process which, among other things, takes place at many universities and research institutes. The research is directed towards the technical challenges and practical solutions, but also looks at areas such as consumer interaction and logistical solutions.

Top Packaging Summit - 18-19th of october

Top Packaging Summit by packbridge is an international conference the highlights the key issues and most current trends in the packaging industry ecosystem. During the same conference, participants can take part in stimulating presentations from speakers representing the entire value chain. More information will follow shortly.



IPR discussed among flowers and leaves

Herbanist in Sundsvall was the original venue for Packbridge Live on 26 November. Herbanist is a garden shop in the centre of the city which also has conference facilities in a unique environment. The theme for the day was Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), an... read more

Innoscentia close to first pilot trials

One of our members, Innoscentia, is now close to running the first pilot trials of its smart label that tells how fresh the food is in real-time. The technology is based on a discovery by researcher Martin Olsson, who found a way to register the decomposition... read more

The project is finished but OpenUp lives on with new challenges

For three years, together with the Skåne Food Innovation Network, we have run the OpenUp project; the digital platform for open innovation. Now, the project aspect is – in part – complete. But the live platform is still running and active. New ideas and challenges are... read more

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Pack Talks is a unique video database exclusively for Packbridge members.

The Swedish Packaging Industry Report

Each year Packbridge compile an annual report on Swedish packaging industry. The report aim to give a summary of the sector in 2015 and the developments over the past five years.

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Packbridge Stora Varvsgatan 6 211 19 Malmö, Sweden

Packbridge North

Packbridge North Universitetsallén 32, 852 34 Sundsvall, Sweden

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MOU Partner / JPI – Japan Packaging Institute / Website


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