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Media Evolution saw fempack launch with a kick-off in December. Around 30 participants had gathered to listen to three inspirational speakers discuss and exchange their experiences.

During the autumn Packbridge launched a network aimed at professional women who work with packaging. In the same Packbridge spirit as our other events, the aim is to increase knowledge exchange and to work towards more innovative and sustainable development within the industry.

This has been a missing piece of the Packbridge jigsaw, and we are now addressing this with a view to giving professional women a meeting place and raising awareness of women in the packaging industry while simultaneously helping our members attract talent from outside the traditional recruitment sources.

Among the speakers were Yasemin Arhan Modéer, CEO of Altitude Meetings, who spoke about how to create meeting places and communities that form the basis for the successful exchange of knowledge and for business opportunities.

Victoria Holmberg from Kartongbolaget spoke about the creation of meaningful meeting places where we all come from different backgrounds but have the same purpose, which creates energy, team spirit and meaning. The result is that we grow faster together.

From Arta Plast came Nadja Dahlgren to describe how close relationships in a “cross industry” network facilitate and improve the success of a project.

The next fempack event will be on March 8th, when Annika Olsson from Lund University will be presenting her latest book. You’ll be most welcome to listen to Annika and other inspirational speakers.