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Packbridge bridge foundations are built

Packbridge is presented for the first time at Scanpack 2009. (Alt. Trend Pack in Lund)

The number of members is growing fast

After barely a year, Packbridge passes 100 members and after 3 years 200!

Packbridge Research Forum is introduced with focus on materials

Industry and academia within packaging related research meet for the first time in Packbridge Research Forum in Kista, November 2011.

Packbridge increases its international exposure

An increasing number of members and stakeholders from different parts of the world leads us to switch from Swedish to English in all seminars.

Seminar concept is introduced

Packbridge is established in 2010 and a regular seminar series begins.

Live streaming become standard

With our member base becoming increasingly international, starting from 2011, Packbridge began to stream seminars in order to extend our reach.

International agreements are written

Memorandum of understanding agreements are signed with key partners and competence centres in different parts of the world.

OpenUp is launched

A digital platform for open innovation within food packaging is launched in October 2013. The project is implemented in partnership with the Skåne Food Innovation Network and is partially financed by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

The market is presented in regular reports

Packbridge delivers the first report on the packaging market in autumn of 2010.

Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge premiered in October 2011

Packbridge first international conference was held in Malmö, Sweden in October 2011.

Packbridge contribute to the start of the higher vocational education in packaging technology

There’s considerable need for skilled labour in every industry. Packaging related educational gaps are identified and Packbridge uses its network to fill in the gaps.