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Packbridge has just completed a short tour in Stockholm including several meetings with organisations such as ICA and SISP. We also took the opportunity to meet Lantmännen.

With brands such as AXA, Go Green, Bonjour and Kungsörnen, Lantmännen is one of the Nordic region’s leading brand owners, and a long-standing Packbridge member.

Packbridge’s Johan Mårtensson and Tony Spodnjak were there to present our views on the latest trends within the packaging field. The discussions focused on finding synergies between the various stages in the packaging value chain and between related industries.

Other key areas highlighted were the interaction between brand, packaging and the consumer as well as how industry and brand owners can highlight the package as a key communicator and guardian angel for the content. Packaging is not just rubbish after it has been used, although it is too often perceived as such, but should also be viewed as a resource with the task of protecting and being a part of the circular sustainability system. Here the packaging industry and brand owners can cooperate to more clearly communicate the value of packaging to consumers.