Packbridge Startup Community

The ”network” that actually connects startup with the packaging industry


The Story behind

What’s behind this? It’s simple. We know that our members, industry, universities,  startup companies and society all benefit from new innovations.

Packbridge has identified the potential for startup companies or entrepreneurs with ideas that could usefully be applied in the packaging industry. We are confident that Packbridge members will benefit greatly from our bringing them together with startup companies and entrepreneurs. And similarly, it is of great interest for these companies to find partners in the industry. Packbridge can help businesses to save resources; we can also facilitate potential outsourcing and help with matchmaking.

We are now planing Packbridge Challenge 2018!

Winner 2017 – Koepala 

Motivation: A clever innovative solution that contributes to, and solves daily issues in a convenient way. The simplicity and sustainability of this innovative solution is probably more scalable than the inventors thought about.

Meet all the Start ups

bNesis Dmitriy Norenko

DropBucket ApS Heiða Gunnarsdóttir Nolsøe; Marie Stampe Berggreen

Esapac HB Cenneth Lindkvist

Flexeats Jonathan Burns

Gualiti AB Pekka Gustafsson

ifoodbag AB Robert Grenmark

Innoscentia AB Robin Thiberg & Erik Lindberg

Koepala Packaging Ltd Janne Asikainen

Magic Add Ltd Ari Salonen

Marta Dell’Anna Design Marta Dell’Anna


Mimica Solveiga Pakstaite

Moving Boxes Ulrika Eklund

OKsave AB Asko Päiviö

Packground AB Linus Jiremark

PacNova AB Per Håkan Edqvist

RePack Jonne Hellgren; Rolf Therman

SENSE Virpi Korhonen; Eero Seppälä; Johanna Hänninen

Survey Party AB Hanway Tran; Kristian Axelsson

the edibles Divya Mohan; Syahir Suhaimi

UAB SCARD Remigijus Sedys

Vocobox AB Axel Kalmaru; Johanna Åkeson; Hanna Bergström; Joel Wennström

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