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More and more people are realising the important role played by packaging in an effective e-commerce flow. Intelligent solutions which appeal to consumers and are optimised in terms of logistics will become increasingly important. The e-commerce sector has also gradually recognised this. Packaging in oversized brown boxes is fast becoming a thing of the past.

On 6 September, Packbridge arranged an e-commerce day at Mindpark in Helsingborg, where participants were treated to seven presentations. These were partly packaging-related but there were also presentations from the e-commerce sector.

This was a new and active approach which meant that after being welcomed and enjoying a light breakfast, participants were divided into groups to watch the presentations at various locations within the venue. This was not about sitting down and just listening but about “being on your toes” and standing up for presentations of about 15 minutes. Some PowerPoint slides were missing, which made for an exciting challenge for the presenters, who had to give the same presentation several times.

After a light lunch the day was then summarised up by all participants and speakers.

  • “You can’t get much more efficient than this. This was an excellent example of an interesting meeting place for those who want to develop themselves and their organisations”, says Tony Spodnjak, business developer and the person responsible for Packbridge events.
  • “The approach meant that we were not able to live-stream, something we have made a habit of in recent years, but everything was documented by our film crew and edited together into a summary of the day. Our member companies can see the presentations in their entirety on our website.”

You can see the summary of the day here: