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Instead it was discussions about revolutionary packaging materials led by Food Valley in small town Ede, the Netherlands. Food Valley is a Dutch network organization around the food industry. They are promoting innovation and supporting their members with training programs, networking and conferences.

Last week, on December 7th, they had a full day conference focused on food packaging with speakers from around the world of packaging. The morning started with a Breakfast Session on the robotics and automation theme. This session was headed by European Packaging Gallery, a recently started Dutch packaging cluster organization.

The day that followed contained an inspiring mixture of trend observations, international outlooks, the academic view, several interesting cases and a presentation from Packbridge’s Felix Helander.

“We had the opportunity to talk about new packaging material under the headline Revolutionary Packaging. I had quite a lot of interest around the materials from our members that I introduced,” says Felix.

Packbridge has had good contact with Food Valley in recent years and has taken further steps to develop our cooperation, which could benefit members of both clusters.