Nordisk Bioplastförening

The Nordic Bioplastic Association’s goal is to be a Nordic platform and representative of companies in the Nordic region with bioplastics operations. The association aims to promote and simplify market and technology development for the material group.

The business will cover all parts of the bioplastics life cycle, from the cradle to the grave. The aim is also to inform politicians and authorities through the efficient lobbying of the materials’ possibilities and merits, and to help them create a framework for the progress of bioplastics in the market. Actively working for a functioning and effective framework is one of the main tasks of the association.

The goal is also to build contacts with the media and inform the media representatives about the bioplastics and to work for the media to publish information about the material group in a correct and positive way.

Contact information

Address:Drottninggatan 184, S-254 33 Helsingborg
Number:+46 (0)42298033, +46 (0)705212373

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