Returpack-BURK Svenska AB

Returpack is a privately-owned company which aims to increase the recycling of metal cans and PET bottles in Sweden. This mission derives from the Swedish government, as well as from the owners of the company, who consist of representatives from its trading and brewery sectors company (Sveriges Bryggerier, Livsmedelshandlarna och Svensk Dagligvaruhandel).

95 percent of our volume is collected in food retail markets. We have approximately 14 000 customers of different types, from big supermarkets to small cafés, sports clubs, airports etc. Around 3 000 of these have their own Reverse Vending Machines. It´s voluntary and not obliged to take back containers, but as a Returpack customer, you will be compensated both for the deposit and the so-called handling fee for the return containers you send in.

Resilient Regions

Resilient Regions is a neutral arena where the business sector, academia, municipalities and government agencies meet to solve regional challenges.

Together we build a more resilient society with robust functions and flows – a society with the ability to quickly overcome and recover from societal pressures.

Region Skåne

Region Skåne is responsible for health care, the development of trade and economy businesses, communications, culture and cooperation with other regions in and outside Sweden.


Founded in 1878 by Anders and Mathilda Påhlsson, Pågen has today grown to Sweden’s largest bakery company. With its headquarters in Malmö, the Pågen bakes and sells bread, hamburger bread and sausage bread, coffee breads, cakes, muffins and cakes. With bakeries in Malmö and Gothenburg, Pågen today employs 1 400 people who are all baking with love.


Since its inception in 1968, the company’s mission has been the same: to strive to produce the best custom-designed plastic compounds in the world.

From the start, Scandinavia was our main market and although it continues to be important, we are now active in most European countries, and indeed, all over the world.

We have no aspirations to become one of the largest multinational plastic compound manufacturers in the world. Instead, we remain one step ahead by relying on our strength – offering a customized product line with such unique, creative solutions that no one is able to compete with us on equal terms. We accomplish this through our documented expertise in color matching, multiple reinforcements and fibers a wide variety of base polymers. Our strategy is to work closely with our customers, guided by our principles: reliability, excellence, superior problem-solving and long-term customer relationships.

Polykemi is an innovative knowledge company that meets the market’s demands for world-class end products. Just ask our customers around the globe.

Peak Polymers

Peak Polymers engage in commerce, agency operations with polymers, additives, chemicals and marketing and engineering activities within the plastics industry.

PEA Printed Electronics Arena

Printed Electronics Arena’s goal is to create a network of clusters based on Printed Electronics, where participating companies have the opportunity to exchange experiences and draw upon research and development results already achieved.
It may for example involve partnerships in marketing activities, workshops, production and product development.


Packsize resolves inventory and shipping complexities through the ability to create a custom-sized box for every order.
This efficient and cost-effective, just-in-time packaging system increases total savings by up to 20 percent.
A leading sustainable business practice, Right-sized Packaging on Demand results in less waste, lower shipping costs, decreased damage rates, and increased customer satisfaction.

Packarna i Skåne

Our business idea is to develop and offer rational packaging solutions through efficiently coordinating different customer’s requirements and requests.

YH Förpackningsteknik

Welcome to a future in the packaging industry!

The fastest growing sector in the publishing world. Packaging Technology is a 2 year education / 400p, with a training plan tailored to business needs and with an unbeatable blend of theoretical study and practice of participating companies.

An approved examina gives you an eligible Bachelor. Education is free and entitles CSN.