Svenska Aerogel

Svenska Aerogel is a research and development company that commercializes a patented version of the material Quartzene in various applications. The commercialization is done in close cooperation with industrial partners representing different key business areas.

With in-depth knowledge of the material, its properties and the knowledge of how to optimize it to meet specific customer needs, Svenska Aerogel is a strong partner for companies who is aiming towards the high-end technology of innovative product applications.

Svenska Aerogel develops and sells Quartzene, a material produced with a flexible, patented and a very cost-efficient production method. Quartzene is used as an additive by our industrial partners in many different applications areas. Our focus areas today are insulation, filtration and paint and coatings.

Svenska Aerogel, founded in the year of 2000 has built up a strong intellectual property portfolio in close collaboration with leading rearchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Svenska Aerogel aspires to be a world-leading supplier of environmentally friendly Quartzene. The material can be applied to an endless array of products from air filters and insulation to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Contact information

Address:Strömmavägen 2, SE-80309 Gävle, Sweden (Head Office) --- Norrtullsgatan 6, 5th floor, SE 113 29 Stockholm, Sweden

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