Packbridge helps startup companies find business opportunities in the packaging industry

Packbridge currently has over 200 member companies and is a non-profit organisation which is probably also the largest of its kind in Europe. Packbridge was founded in 2010 and has grown very quickly. Our base is located in Malmö, but we have activities throughout the Nordic region. Internationally we have many well-established partnerships, including a number of MoU agreements with companies and organisations in Asia. We also participate in various EU-funded projects.

Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge is a major annual packaging conference. Last year, at the summit, we offered a large number of startup companies the chance to present their concepts to our network and the response was very positive from all sides. This has given us a taste for more, and we are now investing heavily in linking our industry with companies that have new and exciting ideas. We are currently running The Packbridge Challenge, a competition in which the winning entry will receive SEK 50,000.

What’s behind the challenge? It’s simple. We know that our members, industry, startup companies and society all benefit from effective matching.

Both members and startups benefit

Packbridge has long since identified the potential for startup companies or entrepreneurs with ideas that could usefully be applied in the packaging industry. We are confident that our members can benefit significantly from us bringing them together with startup companies and entrepreneurs. And similarly, it is of great interest for these companies to find partners within the industry. Packbridge can help businesses to save resources; we can also facilitate potential outsourcing and help with matchmaking. For Packbridge the Triple Helix concept is a key driving force, and we can match companies within all of these areas.

Through our network and the expertise it contains, we can facilitate and streamline the creation of contacts and quickly pave the way for effective collaboration.

We help the industry to develop

Packbridge is a neutral base, one that helps to drive and develop the industry and open new doors to an industrial world that many startups are not familiar with. Companies that are quick to act upon this soon find many interesting opportunities to further develop their businesses. As an organisation we believe in open innovation and cross-border collaboration. It is essential that more intelligent ways are found to connect larger companies to smaller companies with good, innovative ideas.

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