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Welcome to Packbridge

Packbridge is an international packaging cluster established in 2010. We are a neutral and non-profit network uniting all stakeholders in and around the entire packaging industry, i.e. producers, customers, suppliers, researchers, public sector, start-ups and innovators. We believe in sustainability and cooperation. We believe that the key to success lies in sharing knowledge.

Moreover, we believe that in order to create innovations one must think differently, dare to go beyond existing borders, challenge reality, meet new people and open up to new ideas. The best way to facilitate creativity is to bring people with different skills together.

Packbridge creates meeting places that give you opportunity to think in new ways, challenge yourself and push you forward. Bring your knowledge and we can go further together. Join us!

Upcoming Activities

June 25, 2019

Minimize food waste and find new circular business opportunities.

Welcome to a breakfast and morning session by Livsmedelsakademin, Packbridge and IUC Syd. The event brings together representatives from the industry – production, food and packaging with consumers – by doing this we get knowledge from the entire value chain from production to consumption. Listen to consumers giving their view on how we can support each other to minimize food waste and live more sustainably.

September 19, 2019

The theme for the pinnacle of this year  for the packaging industry and its entire value chain, Top Packaging Summit, is “Value Chain Perspective on Circular Economy”.  This year’s Top Packaging Summit will focus on 5 c’s – Circular, Collaboration, Commitment, Communication & Challenge.

Packbridge will also during the conference present the winner of Packbridge Challenge.

Packbridge Challenge

Welcome to the competition where startups and industry actually meet! The selected companies in Packbridge Challenge are presenting their ideas on Packbridge Startup Day and the final is held during Top Packaging Summit 2019.

Packbridge Startup Day – May 23rd

Top Packaging Summit – September 19

Joint Forces for Sustainability Forum – 21 March 2019

The fempack Community

We launched Fempack by Packbridge, a network for professional women in the packaging value chain, on December 14, 2016. It happened as a bottom-up initiate evolved – we need more women in the industry! As it was a missing part of our platform, our response was fast and we started a network for women in order to bridge the gap.


RISE invites to a workshop with Procter & Gamble

Fiber-Based Packaging Challenge for Absorbent Hygiene Products.

Welcome to a paid workshop with Procter & Gamble in Stockholm, June 12-13 addressing the request below.


Today, highly-absorbent hygiene products are packed mainly in plastic bags in Europe. Positive consumer impression is driven by hygienic quality appearance, good transportability due to carrying handle and very small size of the packaging due to compaction. These flexible bags cover a wide product portfolio range, e.g. in size from newborn babies to adult incontinence products, and filling quantities from single individual wraps to 240 units. Looking forward, we have to meet in future the challenge of reducing plastic, as this material is main contributor to global waste pollution and perceived from consumers meanwhile as a ‘bad material’.

Briefing on Needs

• A ‘Plastic-free’ packaging material that a consumer can put into the ‘Paper Recycling stream’. Preferably such material would be able to degrade in case of littering into nature. A solution made of fiber/paper/pulp materials would deliver such as best and is highly accepted from end consumers. But we are welcoming any other new material concept.

• Packaging concept needs to deliver sufficient mechanical stability. Includes strength against pressure from compressed products inside the packaging, as well as resistance against external stress during transport (drop, pallet stacking, puncture stress, etc). The package must enable carrying in some way suitable for the unit weight and size.

• Packaging concept needs to deliver a ‘hygiene barrier’ which prevents contamination from the outside during the supply chain from manufacturing site via stores to consumers home. That includes very obvious dust and dirt, but as well invisible factors like moisture etc., that can lead to degradation of product performance. Note, traditional strong moisture barriers made of laminated plastics make packaging very difficult to recycle in reality, due to difficulty of component separation on an industrially economic scale.

• Opening of packaging should not require any tool. Integrated opening help like perforation or open strap is acceptable. Reclosure capability would be a positive bonus effect.

We are looking for

• Either a complete package that can deliver on all of the above; or individual component solutions that could be combined in order to provide a promising overall concept that meets the brief. The priority of needs is definitely primarily recyclability and hygiene/stability, with carrying and opening of important secondary relevance. e.g. solutions that cannot initially deliver a carrying functionality for a small size pack may be considered.

• The solution should be industrially available within 1-3 years by putting adequate efforts behind. Latest in 24 months a proof-of-principle should be achievable at reasonable pilot scale, ideally with the ability to execute small-scale consumer research prior to this.

• All recyclability or compostability of the package needs to be tested under established industry tests in order to show that there is clear evidence that these packages will successfully go through these systems.

We are not interested in

• Solutions that end consumer and/or trade does not understand without further explanation.

• Solutions causing new/additional contamination of the existing paper recycling streams or organic recycling streams.

• Solutions requiring major interventions of existing recycling streams/technologies.
Opportunities and Collaborations
We welcome proposals from start-up companies, institutes, universities. Outcome from the workshop may be turned into outsourced research paid by Procter & Gamble or joint ventures with participating companies.

Sign up for the Workshop!

Start-up companies or academic researcher who have technologies or competences valuable for a solution to this request, or just an interest in the request are welcome! Participants are compensated for time and travels. To get more information and to sign up for the workshop, please respond to this request or contact Pia Wågberg, RISE.

Seminarium om det stora värdet av plastavfall

Den enes skräp, den andres skatt – intresset är stort när förpackningsklustret Packbridge arrangerar seminariet ”Plastic Recycling in Reality – Don’t let the plastic go to waste” tillsammans med medlemsföretaget Scanfill i Ystad.

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Företag tankade kunskap om digitala strategier

Digitala strategier för styrelser och företag var på agendan när det hölls event av Packbridge och konsultföretagen Kunskapspartner och Scorecard.

Förpackningsklustret Packbridge och konsultföretagen Kunskapspartner och Scorecard, bjöd in ett fyrtiotal deltagare för att sprida kunskap om digital strategi för styrelser och ledning. Eventet som ägde rum i Malmö, hade bland annat som mål att svara på hur och varför en kunds köpmönster ser ut som det gör.

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Förpackningar och hållbarhet på agendan

Förpackningsklustret Packbridge arrangerade i veckan konferensen Joint forces for sustainability forum i Malmö. En konferens för att belysa och informera om hållbarhet och var vi befinner oss i dag.

Under torsdagen den 21 mars bjöd förpackningsklustret Packbridge in personer från industrin, universitet och offentlig sektor som talare för att informera om var vi är i dag när det kommer till hållbarhet

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