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Packbridge is an international cluster organisation for the packaging industry. Formed in 2010, we are a growing network for the packaging industry and all its stakeholders – customers, suppliers, researchers and innovators. As a neutral and non-profit network organization, the idea of Packbridge is to create a meeting place that naturally connects industry with academia, research with commercial application, and – perhaps most – people with people.

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Welcome to Packbridge

Packbridge is an international packaging cluster established in 2010. We are a neutral and non-profit network uniting all stakeholders in and around the entire packaging industry, i.e. producers, customers, suppliers, researchers, public sector, start-ups and innovators. We believe in sustainability and cooperation. We believe that the key to success lies in sharing knowledge.

Moreover, we believe that in order to create innovations one must think differently, dare to go beyond existing boarders, challenge the reality, meet new people and open up to new ideas. The best way to facilitate creativity is to bring people with different skills together.

Packbridge creates meeting places that give you opportunity to think in new ways, challenge yourself and push you forward. Bring your knowledge and we can go further together. Join us!

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Sealed Air, Fiskeby Board och Lenzing AG – Welcome to Packbridge

Christmas decorations and candles are set and spreading Christmas warmth. It’s a time for reflection and thinking of what you’re grateful about. At Packbridge, we’re grateful to welcome three new members to our network! This time it’s Fiskeby Board, Sealed Air and Lenzing AG.


Fiskeby Board has been manufacturing paper and cardboard since 1637. Craftsmanship has turned into hi-tech production, but one thing remains constant. Their ambition to provide the highest quality regarding both products and customer contacts. Fiskeby’s products are manufactured from 100% recovered fibre, which brings clear environmental benefits and is fully in line with modern requirements for a sustainable society.

Fiskeby Board is an independent company with a manufacturing facility in Fiskeby, Norrköping.
They have sales offices in Norrköping, Aylesbury, Ottobeuren and business partners in Warsaw, Paris and Istanbul.


With well-known products like Cryovac for food packaging, bubble wrap and packaging for cleaning and hygiene products, Sealed Air has grown into one of the packaging industry’s largest companies. With over 200 units around the world and 25 000 employees, Sealed Air has significant international presence in all major markets.


The Lenzing Group is a world market leader headquartered in Austria, with production sites in all major markets as well as a worldwide network of sales and marketing offices. Lenzing supplies the global textile and nonwovens industry with high-quality, botanic cellulose fibers. Its portfolio ranges from dissolving pulp to standard and specialty cellulose fibers.

The company has recently launched an innovative product portfolio aimed at the food industry and brand owners, including nets and bags for fruit and vegetables made from cellulose fiber.


We would like to welcome Fiskeby BoardSealed Air and Lenzing AG!

Packbridge was seen “everywhere” at Empack 2017

Empack 2017, which was held in Kista in October, was a fair in which Packbridge was visible in several contexts. In addition to our own booth we had a stand for participants in the Packbridge Challenge 2017, that is, the start-up competition for start-up companies and entrepreneurs (which this year was won by Finnish Koepala with a clever take-away food packaging solution). Here, visitors were able to take part of a number of the participating companies’ solutions.

A year ago we established Fempack, a network for women in the packaging industry. There has been record-breaking interest and participation at the meetings. Fempack has its one year celebration on December 14 with a event in Malmö. At the fair we arranged a mingle with champagne that was much appreciated.

Former prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt was the opening speaker at the fair. He attracted a large audience of a few hundred people that had gathered in front of the Multivac sponsored stage. Packbridge’s CEO Johan Mårtensson got the honor of moderating.
In 35 minutes Fredrik Reinfeldt spoke both about packaging, the automotive industry, China’s development, the EU, the US and the wall against Mexico, Brexit, e-commerce, digitization and protectionism…
In conclusion, he also had time to respond to a few questions before the great selfie-war broke out. Many wanted to have their picture taken with Fredrik, who also participated in a group picture on stage together with Johan Mårtensson and an enthusiastic audience.

”We had a very good fair and really felt the great interest in Packbridge and our activities”, commented Johan Mårtensson.

Packbridge visited Leeds and presented to leading brand owners

This week, Packbridge was invited to The Retail Institute in England to present Packbridge’s network and how we work with innovation and cooperation within the value chain.

“In recent years, we have experienced increased international interest in our activities. Both for our way of working and our network, but also for our focus on sustainability, innovation and cooperation in the value chain.” Says Johan Mårtensson, CEO Packbridge.

Among the participants were representatives from leading brands such as Unilever, Nestlé, Mars, Associated British Foods and Arla Foods.

“Our presentation resulted in many good meetings and discussions. We have now strengthened our position internationally and with the major brand owners. We’re looking forward to involving them further in the Packbridge network and activities, as well as deepening our relationship with The Retail Institute.” says Johan Mårtensson.

The autum’s first members – Grafokett and Graphic West

When the autumn darkness has drawn in over land and kingdom, we can not imagine a better energy boost than the pleasure of welcoming two new members to Packbridge’s network. The latest in line is Grafokett and Graphic West.


With offices in Ängelholm, Gothenburg and Stockholm/Norrtälje, Grafokett delivers high-end solutions for SupplyFlow™. With great responsiveness to customer needs, they offer comprehensive concepts for everything from labels, advanced software, printers and ribbons, to solutions for manufacturing customers in many different industries. Furthermore, they offer cloud-based print-on-demand solutions that fit global companies with multi-location production units.

“In a world that is changing ever faster, you’re dependent on having access to relevant and continuous information. Grafokett perceives Packbridge as just the right kind of forum to network, learn and connect us to new partners. Therefore, we are now entering as members and looking forward to engaging in Packbridge’s various forums.” says Robert Östman, CEO at Grafokett AB.


Our second new member, Graphic West, has its Scandinavian office on the other side of the channel. Founded in 1983, Graphic West is an international supplier of converting and gluing equipment to the box carton industry. With units in Denmark, England, Australia and the United States, they have a presence on the international stage and sell machinery and equipment, along with customized auxiliary equipment in more than 60 countries.

The company’s Danish division is proving that innovation can come from unlikely sources. The company took the lead to develop an on-demand print packaging workflow that some drug companies and packaging printers considered to be impossible. The company identified opportunities to consolidate production steps, reduce costs, and improve efficiency in the production of medicine boxes, and took action to turn this concept into reality.


We’re happy to welcome Grafokett and Graphic West!

Result of Packbridge’s first start-up competition

Finnish take-away packaging took home the first prize of SEK 50,000.

The Packbridge Challenge for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs – the final of which was held during the Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge conference, which took place at Stadion Mässan in Malmö on 19 and 20 September – was won by the Finnish company Koepala Packaging who took home a cheque for SEK 50,000. The prize was received by a very happy Janne Asikainen, who is one of the founders of the company, where he works as an innovation manager, amongst other things.

Koepala Packaging has its headquarters in Helsinki, where it develops innovative packaging solutions. Among other things, the flat packaging solution Koepala Aterimo has been developed for the take-away market. The patented concept can be used to deliver and serve different types of take-away food or beverages in the same packaging, without the need for sealing caps etc.

“Our goal is to reduce waste from food packaging, whilst providing comfortable and durable packaging to make it fun to eat outdoors”, Koepala say on their website.

The Packbridge Challenge is aimed at entrepreneurs and start-up companies with a unique business idea or innovation that can be applied in the packaging industry. The aim is to establish better contact between the packaging industry and enthusiastic entrepreneurs and newly formed companies.

“It’s essential to connect start-ups and innovators with the packaging industry, and Packbridge wants to help facilitate that link-up. The important thing about our competition is that we connect start-ups directly with the entire value chain. This makes it easier for start-up companies to quickly get their solutions on the market, but also to get feedback from experts about improvement opportunities or applications”, says Johan Mårtensson, CEO of the cluster.

This year’s competition, which was the first, saw the participation of more than 40 entrepreneurs, and companies from 13 different countries. At “Packbridge Start-up Day” in May this year, participants presented their companies and solutions, and then a jury nominated ten participants to advance to the final at Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge.

To continue the innovation drive, Packbridge plans to hold The Packbridge Challenge again in 2018 and is already looking for companies, organisations and experts to help sponsor the competition and/or sit on the jury.

Packbridge wishes to thank Lantmännen, ÅR Packaging Group and Scanfill, Region Skåne, Lund University, Beneli and Marks & Spencer for their support and contributions.

Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge brought together the entire value chain

Stadion Mässan in Malmö was the venue for the sixth Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge on 19 and 20 September. Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge is a conference that brings together the entire packaging value chain and helps put Skåne on the map. It is one of Europe’s largest packaging conferences, with participants and delegations from countries such as Germany, Spain and France as well as the Nordic countries. This year, nearly 250 people were present for two days to look at problems and opportunities for the packaging industry value chain. In addition, there were about 40 exhibitors in the hall.

“Over six years we have built up something that is unique for an industry which is one of the largest in the world, as well as for its customers, and we have undoubtedly succeeded in putting Skåne on the global map. We don’t just get visitors from Europe – the word has spread globally and we have even had speakers from California”, says Johan Mårtensson, CEO of Packbridge.

The Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge concept has been developed gradually. This year saw the première of Packbridge Journey, which meant that the conference was divided into a keynote programme with presentations given on four stages to reflect developments in materials, machines, products and the circular economy.

The circular economy is hugely important for the packaging industry which is often criticised when it comes to the environment. In addition to a number of presentations on the subject, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation appeared on the main stage to clarify what the concept of circular economy actually means. This is an organisation that carries a great deal of weight globally.

The Packbridge network is growing rapidly and more people want to attend the conference every year, both as speakers and visitors. This year there was strong participation by brand owners, with representatives from Absolut, Orkla, Danish Coop and Axfood all appearing on stage.

“We see clearly that Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge is becoming more important all the time”, says Johan Mårtensson. This year, the Resilient Regions cluster was also invited to talk about developing sustainable cities, an area where there is a clear link between efficient logistics and optimal packaging solutions.

Also in the news this year was the final of the start-up competition The Packbridge Challenge. This contest was launched in the spring with a semi-final heat at the Palladium in Malmö, with about 40 start-up companies and entrepreneurs participating. Ten of these went on to the final, among them being the Finnish company Koepala Packaging which eventually took home the prize money of SEK 50,000.

The Packbridge Challenge will be back next year and we are already looking for both jury members and sponsors. We can guarantee that anyone getting involved will be faced with an interesting challenge.

“Needless to say, Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge will be back in Skåne again in September next year”, says Johan Mårtensson.

Packbridge Research Forum – Research has led to a book which helps designers develop sustainable packaging

Annika Olsson, of Lund University, has been working on a research program called “Hållbar Butik” (sustainable shops) – along with Daniel Hellström. She also has an extensive research background in packaging logistics, from the Lund Institute of Technology. This work has now resulted in a book called “Managing packaging design for sustainable development”, with the subtitle, “A compass for strategic directions”. We asked her if this will be the subject of her presentation at the Packbridge Research Forum?

”I will be talking about my research. And, hopefully, I will also be sharing a few inspirational thoughts from the book”.

We also asked her if she could tell us something about the book?

”Yes, of course. In the book we look at the important role that packaging plays in achieving better sustainability, safety and quality of our products. And we also look at some common myths about packaging. For packaging designers, and others who work with packaging, the book also offers a compass with six strategic directions to help them evaluate how packaging can contribute to a sustainable society. We then examine these directions with 18 illustrative cases, which can also be used as both examples and for inspiration”.

Packbridge Research Forum – VTT have developed a cellulose-based bioplastic that can be processed conventionally

One of the speakers at this year Packbridge Research Forum, on May 23 in Malmö, will be Jouni Lattu from VTT in Finland. He will bring us the latest from the bioplastic front. We contacted him, in advance, to find out a little more.


Bioplastic is something that VTT have worked with for a long time, and which they have talked about before. What is new this time, and what will you talk about at the Packbridge Research Forum?

“Our previous developments have been based on using raw materials from agriculture, but now we are focussing on the forest and using cellulose”.

This is an important development not least because, in the Nordic countries, there is plenty of raw material. But what were the problems with developing plastics from cellulose, which meant that it took a little time to achieve?

“Cellulose is not very easy to work with. We have tried to find a way to get it to behave just like plastic during processing and give similar product characteristics”.

Amongst other things this has led you to develop a cellulose-based film. Can this film be made transparent?

“Absolutely, but it’s not just about the film. We produce the material as a granulate which can then be converted into plastic products in the same way as any conventional plastics are made. It can be injection moulded and extruded.

And I am looking forward to telling you more about this at the Packbridge Research Forum”.

Flying start to this year’s Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge

On 19 and 20 September, Packbridge, the packaging cluster, will be holding its annual international conference, Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge. The conference venue will be Europaporten in Malmö and things have already got off to a flying start!

In just one week, 14 companies, both national and international, have already signed up for the conference. This is the first time the conference has been held at Europaporten and the venue is ideal for our theme this year; ‘The Packbridge Journey’. Packbridge links up the entire value chain and through it’s network all kinds of possibilities can be explored and the latest innovations discovered. The aim of Packbridge is to bring together industry, academia and the public sector to create a dialogue and highlight the issues that drive packaging innovation.

Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge is a major international packaging conference with speakers from across the globe. Among this year’s speakers will be IGD, from the UK, who will talk about how business can create greater interest in it’s products and how the packaging industry and brand owners can help. American company Digimarc, whose interesting technology for invisible barcodes quickly found the market in the United States, will also be present. Bioplastics receive a lot of attention, not least because of the ongoing debate on plastics, and the European Bioplastics organisation will be on site to talk about EU legislation and current industry data in this area. Gulliksson, the law firm, will talk about how new laws in the pharmaceutical and food industry will affect packaging. What new demands will be made? The list of speakers is now filling up quickly.

More information can be found at


Obviously, representatives from the press are welcome to attend too.
Contact Bo Wallteg at or call +46 (0)703 207 163.

fempack highlighted circularity at Tetra Pak

In honour of International Women’s Day, 50 excited participants toasted the first fempack with alcohol-free bubbly. The venue was Tetra Pak in Lund and on the agenda was an ambitious and forward-looking theme – to create the most innovative, imaginative and sustainable packaging value chain in the world!

Circularity within the value chain was the main issue and the first speaker was Christina Appelgren, Director of Communications at Tetra Pak, who welcomed us all and talked about how Tetra Pak is working with sustainability.

In accordance with Packbridge’s new event concept, the spectators were then divided into groups to see various presentations of around 20 minutes each – something that is appreciated by both the audience and the speakers. Instead of sitting through a number of presentations, groups move to different stations and keep fresh and alert. The smaller groups also make it possible for participants to ask more questions, and presentations become more of a dialogue. For even better interaction and exchange of knowledge between presenters and participants, we encourage speakers to present without resorting to PowerPoint.

The next speaker was Annika Olsson, Vice Chancellor of Campus Helsingborg, Lund University, who spoke about practical tools to advance our positions for a more sustainable value chain. She also talked about how smart packaging design can create the conditions for sustainable development.

Helena Lindh, Environment Executive at Tetra Pak, then talked about their environmental work and how they work actively with circularity as part of an integrated approach.

Finally Elin Li, Business Development Director Cartonboard at BillerudKorsnäs, talked about how they challenge conventional views and about the development of packaging solutions for a more sustainable future.

To conclude, participants sat in their respective groups and discussed what they had learned during the day. It was emphasised that the network will continue to highlight the issue of circularity, but that to take the next step input is required from other stakeholders in the periphery surrounding the value chain. Thus, the network also wants to invite players such as those responsible for materials separation and recycling, politicians and the public sector. The circular issue affects all parties and requires commitment and understanding throughout the value chain.

Our next fempack will be held in the morning of April 19th, during Packbridge’s annual meeting.

About fempack:

fempack is Packbridge’s latest network, which is aimed at professional women who work within packaging. The network represents the entire value chain relating to packaging, from materials producers to recycling. The fempack network has the same Packbridge spirit as our other events, with the aim being to increase knowledge exchange and to work towards more innovative and sustainable development.

The possibilities of digital printing drew great interest at Visutech

Packbridge is constantly evolving and the latest development is that Region Västra Götaland is now sponsoring us. During the year, we will organise four events in the region. The first, digitisation and packaging, will be held at Visutech in Mölndal. Visutech represents HP Indigo in the Nordic region.

About fifty people were on site to discover the new Packbridge structure, which involves the participants being split into groups and taking turns to engage with the various presenters. Each presenter can then share the information several times, and PowerPoint slides are not required in this context.

This time, however, the event was initiated by a joint presentation where Paul Randall, from HP, gave us an insider’s glimpse into the digital revolution under way in the production of packaging.

Other presenters were Jesper Berthold from RISE (Innventia), who talked about materials research and the connection to digital printing, and Mats Winde who is founder and technical director of Mediaköket, who talked about how design and production takes place using digital printing. Rickard Ådén from Visutech gave us a tour of the demo hall where participants could see the production presses and discover how prototypes are manufactured via a 3D printer. Tove Slettebo and Caroline Dahl from Nordvalls, talked about how digital printing technology is used in pharmaceutical and consumer products.

After a light lunch, it was time for 20 minutes of group work where the different groups discussed what they had learned during the day, and this was then summarised briefly.


Interested to see what happened during the day? Watch the video summary below

Packbridge development supported by Västra Götaland

Västra Götaland is a region with a lot of expertise in both food and packaging. These are two major areas for the region and the link between food and packaging is obvious. Approximately 70% of all packaging is used to protect and extend the shelf life of food. Västra Götaland region has given the go-ahead to a project which aims to increase innovation in packaging and promote greater cooperation with members who are already linked to Packbridge.

“We see it as being very positive that Packbridge can provide more powerful development assistance to packaging companies in our region. The cluster has established working methods and a well-developed network of companies and universities which can make an important contribution to business development in Västra Götaland”, said Birgitta Losman, chair of the Västra Götaland regional development council.

Since its inception in 2010, Packbridge has grown to include about 200 member companies, both nationally and internationally, and it is now taking a further step in its development.

“From the outset, part of our funding came from Region Skåne, but now we will also get some funding from the Västra Götaland region. They have followed us over the last year and liked what they have seen. I think it is quite rare that a cluster, or network, gets support from two different regions, and we are naturally both pleased and proud of this”, said Packbridge CEO, Johan Mårtensson.

“There is a great deal of expertise in both food and packaging in Västra Götaland, and we have a large number of members from the region. Now we have the opportunity to increase our presence and work with skills development, knowledge transfer, network building and the development of the packaging industry and both directly and indirectly of the food industry.”

In 2017, Packbridge will be carrying out a number of activities in Västra Götaland. These will address the following areas:

  • Digitisation and packaging
  • Sustainability and the circular economy
  • Flexibility and local production
  • New materials

But Packbridge doesn’t develop these themes all by itself. They will evolve from dialogue with businesses, academia and the public sector in order to provide the content required. At the same time, Packbridge will work with RISE and local innovation systems, which possess a lot of knowledge.

For more information, contact Johan Mårtensson, CEO, 0766 456 535,

New members – Södra, INP Förpackningar, SOLSERV and Aventics

Over the winter, several more companies have seen the value of Packbridge membership, and the latest to join us are Södra Skogsägarna, INP Förpackningar, SOLSERV Solutions & Services Europe and Aventics.

Södra, based in Växjö, is a cooperative of forest owners with around 50,000 members. With 3,600 employees, the group is also a major employer. Södra is divided into three business areas; Södra Cell, which includes mills, Södra Wood which includes their sawmills and Södra Skog which sells services related to forestry and timber. Within these business areas, Södra produces various wood products, pulp, interior products, and even biofuels.

From Ljungby in Småland, INP Förpackningar produces food packaging with a focus on increasing the value of customers’ products. Production focuses on thermoformed plastic packaging in a variety of plastics. INP designs, develops and creates moulds and tool packages at its factory in Ljungby so that the customer can obtain the package that suits the product it is intended for. Furthermore, they are FSSC 22000 certified for correct handling of products to ensure food safety.

Based in Arlöv, SOLSERV offers qualitative aftermarket services in the form of service, training and consultancy assignments, together with sales of machines and spare parts, to customers who are involved in food production throughout Europe. SOLSERV provides complete packaging solutions and has semi and fully automatic machines for the food industry, restaurants, foodservice and catering sectors, for the packing of fruits and vegetables, meat and ready meals and so forth.

With over 150 years of experience and approximately 2,000 employees in over 90 countries around the world, AVENTICS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pneumatic components, systems and customer-specific applications. The company’s portfolio includes products and services for industrial automation, as well as products for markets ranging through food and drink, life sciences, energy, marine technology to IoT.


Warm welcome to our network!

Packbridge on the jury for Blixtlåset

Blixtlåset, the Swedish school championship for innovators, is a competition for students and a collaboration between Siemens Sweden, Teknikcollege Sweden, T-Convention and a number of secondary schools, and Packbridge is involved as an actor linked to industry. The competing teams consist of between two and six people and must present an invention as a working model/product or prototype.

The semi-final for the southern region was held on 2 March in Hässleholm, and Packbridge’s Tony Spodnjak was one of the jurors who judged the students’ contributions.

“It’s been great fun and very inspiring to sit in on the jury and see some really innovative inventions”, said Tony Spodnjak.

“In Packbridge we believe it’s important to be able to support students, as they are our next generation of professionals. Because we represent a wide network with broad knowledge from all different parts of the value chain, we feel we can help students with contacts and information about what is happening in the industry today”, said Tony.

The winning entry will compete in the national final on 23 March at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

How can the industry take advantage of the tools available through MAX IV and ESS?

Are you interested in the research that will be conducted at ESS and MAX IV, but don’t know how this can be correlated to your own business? Then this workshop is for you. On 13 March in Lund, you can learn how the industry can create value by gaining access to advanced research tools at large research facilities.

The day will include presentations from various companies which, both directly and indirectly, already utilise the analytical techniques available at these facilities. They will share their stories about how these tools helped to create value for their businesses. The day will also offer presentations from institutes, academic institutions and other organisations that help industry to use the analytical tools in their plants.

You will also get an introduction to what is happening at MAX IV and ESS and information on how to get access to the facilities. The day ends with a visit to the MAX IV laboratory.

The workshop is free and is being organised by ESS and MAX IV.

Register to the event here


Datum: 13:e mars 2017
Tid: 10:0018:00
Plats: Lunds Stadshall, Sessionssalen, Stortorget 9, Lund

Do you plan to digitalise? Region Skåne offers a check that can provide financial help

Skåne’s small and medium-sized enterprises will now have the chance to obtain financial support for digitalisation. You can receive grants of up to SEK 250 000 for the preparation and implementation of an investment in the digitalisation of your business. Packbridge’s Felix Helander is on the jury for the selection process.

The money comes from Region Skåne and the purpose of the checks is to achieve greater competitiveness and innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises in Skåne through digitalisation, for example by changing the business activity, process or organisation. This can include everything from developing a digital strategy linked to the business plan to identifying new business models and streamlining digital processes and systems.

In this case digitalisation means using digital technology to create new value in the company. It is not enough to simply transform something into a digital format.

Companies can be granted between SEK 100 000 and SEK 250 000. The company must cover at least half of the external project costs.

A small or medium-sized enterprise in this case, is a Skåne company employing between two and forty-nine people.

Read more trough the link below

Packbridge informs ICA about the latest within the packaging field

As one of the top brand owners in Sweden, the ICA Group is a major player when it comes to consumer products. However, consumers’ buying patterns and behaviour are changing at a fast pace today, and it is ever more important for brand owners to keep up with the latest consumer trends – something we witnessed most recently during our event at Orkla Foods on 27 January.

Packbridge’s Johan Mårtensson and Tony Spodnjak met ICA in Stockholm and presented the latest from the packaging field with a view to demonstrating the connections between the different stages of the value chain. The discussions focused on how Packbridge as a cross-industry network could facilitate collaboration across boundaries and help speed up product innovation. We have consequently now taken a further step to involve commerce and support the sector’s packaging development.

Packbridge presented consumer trends and sustainability to Lantmännen

Packbridge has just completed a short tour in Stockholm including several meetings with organisations such as ICA and SISP. We also took the opportunity to meet Lantmännen.

With brands such as AXA, Go Green, Bonjour and Kungsörnen, Lantmännen is one of the Nordic region’s leading brand owners, and a long-standing Packbridge member.

Packbridge’s Johan Mårtensson and Tony Spodnjak were there to present our views on the latest trends within the packaging field. The discussions focused on finding synergies between the various stages in the packaging value chain and between related industries.

Other key areas highlighted were the interaction between brand, packaging and the consumer as well as how industry and brand owners can highlight the package as a key communicator and guardian angel for the content. Packaging is not just rubbish after it has been used, although it is too often perceived as such, but should also be viewed as a resource with the task of protecting and being a part of the circular sustainability system. Here the packaging industry and brand owners can cooperate to more clearly communicate the value of packaging to consumers.

Packbridge discussed startups with SISP

Packbridge’s Johan Mårtensson and Tony Spodnjak spent half a week in Stockholm with a packed schedule of meetings with companies including ICA, Lantmännen and Innventia. They also took the opportunity to meet with Swedish Incubators & Science Parks (SISP).

Last year, we gave several startup companies the opportunity to present themselves to the industry at Top Packaging Summit, and the response was very good from both sides. The industry can benefit from inspiration from innovative entrepreneurs and they, in turn, can create a partnership or obtain a test bed for their products. The prospects for fruitful win-win collaborations are good.

Since Top Packaging Summit, we have worked intensively to find startup companies with business concepts and products that can be commercialised within the packaging industry.

Packbridge met SISP and discussed how we can benefit from each other’s networks to form a better connection between industry and startup companies.

The results will come later, but there is certainly great potential for useful collaboration!

Packbridge’s trend seminar was fully booked 

There was a full house at Orkla’s new office in Malmö when Packbridge held its first event of the year. In fact it was more than fully booked and we had to draw up a waiting list. This was a pleasant problem for us, as it showed that our meetings are highly appreciated, but at the same time it was disappointing because obviously we want to be able to accommodate everyone. In the future it’s always a good idea to book in plenty of time. If you missed the event you can see a summary via the video above.

The theme for the day was consumer trends and after Orkla’s CSR Manager, Agneta Påander, had given a description of Orkla’s sustainability work, the audience were then divided into groups to hear various presentations of around 20 minutes each. We have tested this division into smaller groups a few times now and it is greatly appreciated by both the audience and the speakers. Instead of sitting through a number of presentations, groups move to different stations and keep fresh and alert. The smaller groups also make it possible for participants to ask more questions, and presentations become more of a dialogue. For even better interaction and exchange of knowledge between presenters and participants, we encourage speakers to present without resorting to PowerPoint.

The speakers at the Orkla event included Sofia Erixson, packaging designer at Orkla, who spoke about brand owner trends. Among other things, she highlighted the “Millenials” and “Generation Y” as attractive customer groups worthy of closer attention, together with the sustainability trend, with Carlsberg’s fibre bottles and Ecovative’s fungus-based protective packaging being exciting innovations.

Anders Källman, CEO of Multivac, looked at production trends and talked about the problems of adapting existing production lines for new material solutions and how the choice of materials can facilitate inclusive design and easy-open packaging.

Kristina de Verdier, from Kristina de Verdier Design Studio, talked about five prominent trends, such as ‘Sharing is caring’ where consumers are starting to see circular sustainable products not just as good for the future but also as a paradigm shift. Another trend is ‘The Interruption Economy’, where we are all forced to be constantly available and connected. In these stress-filled days, there are now apps that help us to disconnect and relax. One example is the Bunches flower chain, which offers a selection of the trendiest flowers “on the go” in neat card bags from BillerudKorsnäs.

Packbridge’s own Bo Wallteg gave us a journey through a series of global trends that will in some way affect packaging. These included how bioplastics and printed electronics can create more sustainable and secure consumer packaging.

After lunch a brave woman took the stage. Rowan Drury is the founder of Gram Malmö, a packaging-free shop located in Malmö’s market hall. She admitted that it felt a little strange to be in the “lion’s den”, but said that she had found the lions to be really quite friendly and had thus far come away without a scratch. Generally, she is not against packaging, but she is an advocate of reusing and of using only the basic amount of packaging actually required.

On 28 February we are back with a seminar at Visutech in Mölndal, where we will see how the opportunities presented by digital printing technology will change the packaging industry.

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