Kunskapspartner is a consulting and research firm with several projects within the packaging industry under their belt and in-depth experience in business development, strategy, and change management.

Kunskapspartner consultants combine strong academic backgrounds and extensive business experience directed towards multiple industries, sectors and fields.

ICA Sweden

ICA Sweden is part of ICA Gruppen and its core business is grocery retail. With around 1 300 stores and a market share of around 36%, ICA Sweden is the leading grocery retailer in Sweden. The business is operated in cooperation with independent ICA retailers. They each own and operate their own store, which makes it possible for them to tailor concepts and offers to local demand. There is also extensive collaboration on things like expansion, sourcing, logistics, IT and marketing communication, enabling economies of scale to be achieved.

ICA Sweden also has ICA Special, which works with sourcing and sales of non-food items including non-food sales through Maxi ICA Stormarknad. ICA Special also runs a wholesale operation for ICA Kvantum, ICA Supermarket and ICA Nära in Sweden, and delivers products to ICA’s operations in the Baltic countries.

Smaksked Skåne

Smaksked Skåne AB develop and manufacture universal, high-quality products and solutions to complement food, pharma and healthcare sector.

Amesol AB

Amesol AB is a packaging consultancy firm in southern Sweden that works with suppliers and producers from all over the world to find the most sustainable packaging alternatives for their client.


Returkartong is a member-based company, responsible for all collected paper packaging within the producer responsibility and the maximising of its recycling in Sweden. The company is one of the five owners of the Swedish waste collection and recycling management organisation Förpacknings- och Tidningsinsamlingen, FTI, with a 20% stake. Returkartong members represent the entire paper packaging value chain.

FACHPACK / NürnbergMesse

FACHPACK is a leading European trade fair for packaging, technology and processing. It is an important guide for the packaging industry and its customers – a compact, three-day working trade fair where packaging issues are actually tackled. Together. Here exhibitors and visitors from all industries will find a platform for an inspiring dialogue. Together they work on the packaging solutions of tomorrow.

1,600 exhibitors and 45,000 visitors from all sectors of industry will find space for an inspiring dialogue in the 12 exhibition halls at FACHPACK. “We create the future” is the new slogan of FACHPACK, which also runs through the extensive supporting programme as well as through the key theme “environmentally friendly packaging”.

Founded in 1974, NürnbergMesse has grown to become among the 15 largest exhibition companies in the world.


Based in Stockholm and Malmö, Sweden, Innoscentia is food tech company on a mission to disrupt the current best-before-systems. With their base in chemtech and printed electronics, Innoscentia has developed sensor-based food labels to monitor freshness in real time both with analouge and digital solutions. Through their technology, they’re offering better traceability and surveillance through the value chain, prolonging shelf life, improved consumer information and the usage of data to optimize demand levels. This also include the possibility to display product specifications.

Avient Corporation

Ecol Studio

Ever since 1982 Ecol Studio has helped companies grow and implement sustainable development policies by offering innovative, customized products and timely, high value-added solutions.

Yangi AB

The Loop Factory are specialists in developing and realising sustainable solutions using renewable or recycled material streams. They focus on applied development of materials, processes and product concepts with core competences in renewable and unused resources.