We know nothing that could be more joyful than welcoming a new members to the Packbridge network. This time we’re happy to welcome Mars, Kafeko and Mossagården as new members.


Mars Wrigley is the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate, chewing gums, mints and fruity confections.

Mars Wrigley production, including some of company’s most iconic products like M&M’S, SNICKERS, ORBIT, EXTRA, and Skittles, is present in over 180 countries around the world.


Kafeko, founded in 1981, specialises in process and packaging technology.

The company operates in the Nordic region, providing a broad spectrum of clients with industrial machinery and services. Kafeko’s client base branches out from food and confectionery manufactures, coffee roasting companies, diaries, up to companies in the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, biotechnology, chemical, and technochemical industries.


Mossagården is a family business in Southern Sweden, for organic cultivation of vegetables and root crops. Once a pioneer of fresh produce subscription in Sweden, Mossagården now delivers ca. 900 organic boxes per week to households in Skåne and has contracts with municipalities, private companies and schools.