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In honour of International Women’s Day, 50 excited participants toasted the first fempack with alcohol-free bubbly. The venue was Tetra Pak in Lund and on the agenda was an ambitious and forward-looking theme – to create the most innovative, imaginative and sustainable packaging value chain in the world!

Circularity within the value chain was the main issue and the first speaker was Christina Appelgren, Director of Communications at Tetra Pak, who welcomed us all and talked about how Tetra Pak is working with sustainability.

In accordance with Packbridge’s new event concept, the spectators were then divided into groups to see various presentations of around 20 minutes each – something that is appreciated by both the audience and the speakers. Instead of sitting through a number of presentations, groups move to different stations and keep fresh and alert. The smaller groups also make it possible for participants to ask more questions, and presentations become more of a dialogue. For even better interaction and exchange of knowledge between presenters and participants, we encourage speakers to present without resorting to PowerPoint.

The next speaker was Annika Olsson, Vice Chancellor of Campus Helsingborg, Lund University, who spoke about practical tools to advance our positions for a more sustainable value chain. She also talked about how smart packaging design can create the conditions for sustainable development.

Helena Lindh, Environment Executive at Tetra Pak, then talked about their environmental work and how they work actively with circularity as part of an integrated approach.

Finally Elin Li, Business Development Director Cartonboard at BillerudKorsnäs, talked about how they challenge conventional views and about the development of packaging solutions for a more sustainable future.

To conclude, participants sat in their respective groups and discussed what they had learned during the day. It was emphasised that the network will continue to highlight the issue of circularity, but that to take the next step input is required from other stakeholders in the periphery surrounding the value chain. Thus, the network also wants to invite players such as those responsible for materials separation and recycling, politicians and the public sector. The circular issue affects all parties and requires commitment and understanding throughout the value chain.

Our next fempack will be held in the morning of April 19th, during Packbridge’s annual meeting.

About fempack:

fempack is Packbridge’s latest network, which is aimed at professional women who work within packaging. The network represents the entire value chain relating to packaging, from materials producers to recycling. The fempack network has the same Packbridge spirit as our other events, with the aim being to increase knowledge exchange and to work towards more innovative and sustainable development.