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Blixtlåset, the Swedish school championship for innovators, is a competition for students and a collaboration between Siemens Sweden, Teknikcollege Sweden, T-Convention and a number of secondary schools, and Packbridge is involved as an actor linked to industry. The competing teams consist of between two and six people and must present an invention as a working model/product or prototype.

The semi-final for the southern region was held on 2 March in Hässleholm, and Packbridge’s Tony Spodnjak was one of the jurors who judged the students’ contributions.

“It’s been great fun and very inspiring to sit in on the jury and see some really innovative inventions”, said Tony Spodnjak.

“In Packbridge we believe it’s important to be able to support students, as they are our next generation of professionals. Because we represent a wide network with broad knowledge from all different parts of the value chain, we feel we can help students with contacts and information about what is happening in the industry today”, said Tony.

The winning entry will compete in the national final on 23 March at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.