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When the autumn darkness has drawn in over land and kingdom, we can not imagine a better energy boost than the pleasure of welcoming two new members to Packbridge’s network. The latest in line is Grafokett and Graphic West.


With offices in Ängelholm, Gothenburg and Stockholm/Norrtälje, Grafokett delivers high-end solutions for SupplyFlow™. With great responsiveness to customer needs, they offer comprehensive concepts for everything from labels, advanced software, printers and ribbons, to solutions for manufacturing customers in many different industries. Furthermore, they offer cloud-based print-on-demand solutions that fit global companies with multi-location production units.

“In a world that is changing ever faster, you’re dependent on having access to relevant and continuous information. Grafokett perceives Packbridge as just the right kind of forum to network, learn and connect us to new partners. Therefore, we are now entering as members and looking forward to engaging in Packbridge’s various forums.” says Robert Östman, CEO at Grafokett AB.


Our second new member, Graphic West, has its Scandinavian office on the other side of the channel. Founded in 1983, Graphic West is an international supplier of converting and gluing equipment to the box carton industry. With units in Denmark, England, Australia and the United States, they have a presence on the international stage and sell machinery and equipment, along with customized auxiliary equipment in more than 60 countries.

The company’s Danish division is proving that innovation can come from unlikely sources. The company took the lead to develop an on-demand print packaging workflow that some drug companies and packaging printers considered to be impossible. The company identified opportunities to consolidate production steps, reduce costs, and improve efficiency in the production of medicine boxes, and took action to turn this concept into reality.


We’re happy to welcome Grafokett and Graphic West!