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The story behind fempack

We launched Fempack by Packbridge, a network for professional women in the packaging value chain, on December 14, 2016. It happened as a bottom-up initiate evolved – we need more women in the industry! As it was a missing part of our platform, our response was fast and we started a network for women in order to bridge the gap.

What we do?

Fempack functions as a forum for dissemination of the accumulated knowledge as well as development of female professionals and their expertise within the packaging value chain under the umbrella of Packbridge.
Fempack is driven by a steering group of the members of Packbridge. By the members – with the members – for the members can be a motto for Fempack.

Why fempack?

  • To show by example that there are many professional women in the industry
  • To raise an awareness that there is room for women in the industry
  • To fill the needs for new competences
  • To attract talents outside the traditional way of recruitment
  • To increase the competitive advantage of the industry 
  • To contribute, work and implement the Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Fempack by Packbridge congregates women for mutual professional and personal development and sharing knowledge; for boosting creativity and empowerment; development leadership skills based on trust.

We foster culture of sharing values.

Emelie Törn - Easyfairs

Zsofia Reger - Axfood

Sara Bergendorff - Returpack

Maria Sundin - RISE

Helena Wiksäter - Skanem

Helena Lindh - Tetra Pak

Hanna Franzel - ÅF

Cecilia Tofterö - Tofterö.se

Svetlana Eskebaek - Packbridge